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Everything in equipment service and support for the farmer.

30 years of experience in the sector and over 900 installations carried out in Aragon and Catalonia speak for themselves.

Consult our available services,and you will be surprised by the wide variety of possibilities we can offer for your farm.

You can visit our installations gallery to see examples of the constructions we undertake as well as the farming equipment we install.

If you are looking for equipment for your pig, chicken, beef farm... consult our ONLINE SHOP.

Download our 2013-14 farm material catalogue and take a look.

If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We also speak in English.

Our trained technicians are always on hand to to give sound practical advice throughout each phase and estimates for key-in-hand farms. From your initial farm project to the latest cutting-edge tendencies in Spain and abroad.

As you well know, there is constant change in all areas and activities, which commits us to maintaining our equipment up to date and you will be informed of the latest innovations.

We know what you need for your farm.

One of our objectives is your being satisfied with the work we carry out.

We put special emphasis on our installations, paying great attention to detail as well as offering the very best after-sales service. Still not sure? Then consult any one of our clients.

You will realise that our work and approach are personalised and that we try to understand our clients needs at every moment.

Specialists in renewable energy and low consumption systems.

The demand for these types of energies amongst our clients is on the increase and of course we have both a consultancy service and an extensive range of equipment related to the obtention of energy to feed isolated farm systems.

By using solar power, wind turbines, biomass and reducing our consumption we can begin to reduce our expenses thus improving the competitiveness of our farm.

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