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Take not from the mouth of labor the bread it as earned.

Blaise Pascal


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Assembly of complete turn key farms.

Project, construction and interior installation, farrow to finish as well as chicken and beef farms.

Maternity farms in modules

Maternity farm in modules. Prefabricated concrete maternity house. granja de maternidad en modulos

Gestation farms

Gestation farm. Gestation farm. Gestation farm.

Weaning farms

Weaning farm. Weaning farm. Weaning farm.

Fattener farms

Fattener farm. Fattener farm. Fattener farm. Fattener farm. Fattener farm. Fattener farm.

Modules farms

Modules farm. Modules farm. Modules farm.

Calf farms

Calf farm. Polyester stalls for calf farm. Calf farm.

Chicken farms

Chicken farm. Chicken farm. Chicken farm.

Silo assembly and installation

Polyester and smooth metal sheet silos.

Farm polyester silo. Farm polyester silo. Smooth metal sheet silo.

Manufacture and adaptation of screw conveyors

We design, adapt and manufature screw conveyors according to our clients' needs.

We manufacture rigid-spiral stainless steel screw conveyors with electric or hydraulic motor.

Screw conveyor for hoppers. Screw conveyors for farm silos. Screw conveyors for farm silos.

Ventilation, heating and acclimatisation installations

Installations of temperature regulation ventilators.

Heating Systems: gas, oil, gas screens, space heaters, coal burning stoves, biomass boilers, under-floor heating solar thermal system.

Refrigeration systems with cellulose panels, assembly of humidification and nebulisation systems.

Heating equipment on a farm. Gas screens on a farm. Pulverisation equipment on a farm.

Installation and assembly of water tanks

Polyester and tanks, metal sheet tanks prefabricated concrete tanks, reservoirs and ponds.

Reservoir or pond on a farm. Farm polyester silo. Smooth metal sheet water silo.

Manufacture and installation of windows and automatic regulation systems

Polyester Windows double glazed or not. PVC polycarbonate windows.

Window control Computers, ventilation regulators, alarms with telephone connection.

Windows equipment on a farm. Window regulation system on a farm Windows equipment on a farm.

Medication dispensers and water treatment.

Medication dispensers with or without pressure.

Chloride and peroxide dispensing equipment. Sand and ring filters.

Medication dispenser on a farm. Medication dispenser on a farm. Medication dispenser on a farm.

Design and installation of electricity supply systems.

Installation of automatic start power generators together with battery solar and wind systems.

Low-energy lighting systems.

Solar energy Systems to reduce heating costs.

Solar energy on a farm. Wind power on a farm. Solar thermal energy on a farm.

Manufacture of farm carts.

We design and manufacture purpose-built carts for insemination, suckling pigs, mobile scales, medication and dead livestock.

Medication cart for farms. Dead livestock carts for farms. Medication cart for farms.

Assembly and installation of automatic dosers for fish farms.

Feed distribution system for farms. Feed hoppers. Hopper distribution.

Manufacture and assembly of platform elevators and service elevators.

Personalised design adapted to existing location.

Sheet-iron exterior service elevator. Sheet-iron exterior service elevator. Wood-finish interior service elevator.

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